Month: February 2018

Shake Off Your Shyness With One Shoulder Tops

woman wearing One Shoulder Tops


Is your regular, everyday outfit a simple combination of jeans and t-shirt? Are you a conservative dresser who frequently wears sweatshirts and sleeved blouses? Do you now want to achieve a new look without being too flagrant about it? If you buy a one sleeve shirt, that will give you that change of appearance you want.

One Shoulder Tops

I am sure you’ve seen the one shoulder top fashion in night clubs, at a formal meeting, functions and also informal events. One shoulder top style has existed for two decades and had been really hot during the 1980s. Now you can see it is gaining its popularity again.

Why wear One Shoulder Tops

 wear One Shoulder TopsBaring a shoulder is a show of confidence in a woman. It exposes the shoulder and the neck which are vulnerable parts of the body. One-shoulder tops show off a woman’s skin and bone structure. The design brings attention to the collarbone and makes the neck look longer, slimmer and appealing. They can certainly make a wearer noticeable and a standout.

You’ll be able to unleash your sexiness by exposing your neckline as well as shoulder. This can give you an extremely desirable vibe without the need of revealing the body too much.

Here are some ideas that may help you look perfect in a one shoulder top.

Keep It Simple

You don’t have to wear one shoulder dresses which have very busy patterns and design. It is best to dress in one with plain and simple style. Preferably with just one solid color. This can not only offer you a sophisticated appearance but will also make you look stylish at the same time. Wearing one shoulder top with plenty of patterns and multiple colors is not recommended.

Less Is More

You don’t have to wear a lot of accessories when it comes to one shoulder dress. The real key here is to keep it simple. You can wear a belt which has a contrast color to the dress. You can match it with any bracelet. If you want to opt for the retro and classy look, you can try wearing large ear-rings. You do not want a lot of bling around the neck, so wear basic necklaces to prevent distracting the look.

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Well, don’t forget what you need to wear beneath. One shoulder top outfits must be worn with a strapless bra. Tube bras and bandeau work very well with this type of style too. So long as they’re strapless, you will be safe. Therefore remember to wear a proper brassiere to go with the attractive top.