Month: July 2020

Top Tips for Cannabis Packaging Success

classic marijuana package

As you know, not every consumer will meet you at a cannabis event or see your demos at local dispensaries. However, every person who thinks about purchasing your cannabis product ought to interact with your packaging. Therefore, there is a need to make your packaging memorable, functional, and a pleasant experience to ensure your cannabis products stand out.


Consider Stellar Designs


There is a need to be confident in your brand. First, look at how you got at the level you are and reasons you chose this particular path. Explore options like pop top and squeeze top joint tubes on this website if you are looking for something to preserve your joints. Ensure you share your footsteps with experienced designers who can extract the core values and even communicate your vision through designs and branding. Remember that experienced professionals are never cheap. It is advisable to get a designer who has experience with various cannabis packaging styles.


Do Your Homework


It is advisable to carry out market research. Look out for brands in the market space and check with the local dispensaries and see how they have designed your cannabis packaging. Ensure you pay attention as to how your competitors present their cannabis products. Look out for samples and pay attention to features you like and those you do not like.


Include Appropriate Warnings


For the new products, government regulations mandate primary labeling that includes product identity, volume, and net weight. Moreover, edibles have extra requirements that include the list of ingredients, artificial ingredients, date of manufacture, potential allergens, and expiration. Also, cultivators, processors, and manufacturers ought to follow the specific labeling and packaging guidelines.


Be Clear


You should note that novice and new cannabis users may be unfamiliar with the latest industry regulations and changes. For instance, with different vape pens and edibles on the market, there is a need to know their intended use. You need to ensure that packaging includes specific instructions to follow as far as consuming cannabis products is concerned. Whether it is written instructions, you need to be clear. You do not want to frustrate your customers with unnecessary jargon.


Make it Display Products


You need to think about the retail experience. Remember that the more enticing our packaging and labeling design, the higher chance that your product will appeal to the consumer’s senses. This will make the dispensary a great product to carry. Even then, you need to ensure that your product complies with the state regulations, and your packaging should communicate authenticity and transparency.