Factors that Influence Customer’s Purchase Decisions

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One of the decisions that customers make on a daily basis is purchasing a product from one buyer and not the other. We have certain things that separate one product from another and that are why many clients go for the product in question. For the best purchasing deals, talk to Wholesale Factory Buys.

If you have a business, you have to target your customers if you want to have the edge over your competitors. We have highlighted some factors that influence the purchase decisions of the buyers.

Brand Name

developing a marketing strategyOne of the things that influence the purchasing decision of a buyer is the brand name. The brand name is important and is responsible for the overall sales that a company will make. Companies that have renowned brands are typically profitable than those that are not.

The brand of a particular product will make the buyer to either purchase the product or go for a different one. Companies are, therefore, encouraged to build, thus, helped to develop their brands if they want to be more profitable.

Product Placement

Product placement is another factor that will influence whether a buyer will purchase the product or not. When you are selling your items, it is always important to correctly position your products in such a way that the buyers can easily see them.

This also applies to the e-commerce, if you have a website, make sure that you properly utilize the SEO services to get your business to rank higher in the search engines. When your product is more visible, the consumers are more likely to purchase it.


Packaging is also an essential factor that will determine whether a client will choose your product or not. This explains why many companies have decided to brand their products because this is one of the ways that their loyal customers get to identify them.

You should package your products in such a way that they are pleasing to the eyes. This calls for the individuals to make use colors that are bright and appealing to the eyes.


marketer strategizing The pricing of a given product also determines whether the consumer will purchase your product or that of your competitor.

When it comes to pricing, always make sure that you price your items reasonably to prevent many customers from buying items of your competitors. You need to survey the same and put the market price in consideration when you are setting the cost of your items.


The reputation of the company and brand is also another factor that guides the customers when making a purchasing decision. If the product has an excellent reputation, then the customers will buy the products in number.

Similarly, if the product has a poor reputation, many clients will buy similar products but from a different manufacturer.

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