Shower Modification Ideas to Save Water


Taking a hot shower can be as relaxing and refreshing as having a good nap or a quality sleep. But to achieve the highest comfort requires the right shower heads that can give just enough water pressure. Another issue to bear in mind is that a hot shower might spend water and energy more than necessary.

Water heating itself takes for approximately twenty percent of household energy use. And when we shower, we often let the water pouring on even when it is not needed.

Here we are going to learn easy shower modification tips to bring the most comfort, but with the least of water and energy.

Showerhead model

Showerhead A good showerhead has a wide range of water pressure adjustment. It should accommodate raining spray or giving the sensation of getting a massage. Modern engineering allows some showerhead models to be more efficient than the others. They can stream more with less water.

There are two common models of showerheads, the stationary and the one with a hose. The stationary tends to be cheaper than the second type and is easier to install. But you may require a lot of water before you can feel clean. If you want to take a stationary showerhead, you need to make sure that the surface and the filter are proper enough to disperse an adequate amount of water.

Hosed showerheads, on the other hand, can be dismounted from the holster to clean body parts that are difficult to reach with the stationary model. But the problem with a shower hose is that it should be durable enough to withstand constant water pressure and sedimentation.

Sediments in the shower hose limit the water pressure, and it can reduce the comfort of having a shower. After a long time of negligence, the mineral deposit can even cause a blockage in the hose.

Shower panels

Shower panelsHaving a shower panel/tower adds more aesthetic to the bathroom. But if you are concerned with water efficiency, you might have been avoiding using shower towers for baths. However, there are water-efficient shower towers available on the market.

Nebia shower head is a nonmoving shower head mounted on the wall shower holster. It sounds unappealing and dull, but the innovation lies in its filter that can bring spa sensation to your bathroom.

Nebia uses water droplet atomization mechanism. It maximizes the range of water spray coverage and its dispersion. Stepping into the bathroom with a Nebia shower turned on will feel like entering a cloud and its gentle breeze of water droplets.

Thermostatic valve

Thermostatic ValveAll the expensive showerheads or shower panels have a built-in thermostatic controlling device. What it does is to regulate hot and cold water to maintain the desired temperature. It will significantly waste your annual expense up to forty percent. So consider having a fancy showerhead as more an investment and nature conserving effort than an aesthetic preference.

Besides the built-in valve, there is the attachable one. It can be installed in between a shower hose and its head. And if you think your showering habits waste water, you can try installing a thermostatic shut-off valve. In addition to temperature keeping, the shut-off valve can shut water flow automatically when the water reaches the limit temperature. It can save you from wasting water during a shower.

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