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Four Animals That Are Most Likely to Invade Your House

fence for animal

There is less and less space for wildlife. Humans have taken most of the land to build houses, offices, and other infrastructures. As a result, wild animal encounters are inevitable. Some can be dangerous while some others might only cause a nuisance.

Here, we are going to discuss animal invasion that can happen to households and the best way to react to it.

Bat Infestation

If you hear noises and smell unpleasant odors from the attic, the chances are that you have bats living there. The animal may not possess any danger to you as they tend to avoid human contact, but their droppings will. Bat’s excrement, also called as guanos, is notorious for causing respiratory infection and histoplasmosis.

If you manage to find the bat’s nest, you should not clean it without wearing a protective suit, gloves, and a mask. Skin contact with the excrement will expose you to thousands of bacteria and parasites. Your best option to eliminate the infestation is to contact a professional pest control service. For instance,

Nesting Snakes

a snakeSnakes are the animal you do not want to mess with. Although some snakes are not venomous, you must not take the chance to find it out by yourself. Calling a professional animal control service will be your safest option. Usually, snakes build their lair in the basement, gutter, and sewer.

If you have snakes near your house, they will show up eventually. And once you spot them, you have to deal with them immediately. Snakes do prefer to flee if they see a human, but if there are kids in your house, they may not be lucky enough to survive an encounter.

Wandering Bear

wandering bearIn some regions like the states in North America and Russia have high rates of bear attacks. Although most of them happened far from residential areas, the cases of a bear wandering around a settlement are not uncommon. In that case, you should not try to provoke the bear by yourself. If you think that a can of bear spray can save you, you are mistaken. The worst that can happen is that you enrage the bear by attacking it with the bear spray. And a bear on a rampage is very lethal.


Raccoons are not as dangerous as bears, but they often come in a pack, and they will undoubtedly disrupt your life. Your trash bin will not be safe from them. If you have a garden outside, it will be their target too. And for swimming-pool owners, raccoons will never regret leaving their poops near the pool.

To overcome raccoons, you can trap them and release them far from your neighborhood. However, improving the fences or building a barricade that can prevent the animal from entering your house are more important than the removal.