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Helpful Tips For Oil Painting

The oil painting is popular all over the world as it is a form of painting done in oil colors which act as the medium for the pigments suspended in drying oils. The oil painting is made unique by the fusion of colors or the tone which are achieved and makes it more beautiful. Oil paint is obtained by combining the pigments of different colors with the help of oil which as a medium for the painting. Different kind of colors are developed or even being purchased and premixed, before painting starts, but many colors with various shades are obtained by combining the small quantities of colors together for the painting art. The following are helpful tips for oil painting.

1) The painting should be quite small if you’re a beginner as painting small will help one to try many techniques for a short period and one can also experiment with different color as it can make the painting perfect.

2) The painting space should be a ventilated area so that one can keep the painting palettes and all other materials comfortably. Make thepaint paintings more visible as it helps one to think about bringing more innovations and to do quickly.

3) One should have some basic knowledge in color as well as color mixing. The primary colors are not good in quality but rather one can stick towards the colors such as yellow and blue by making the yellow color warm and cool if it is the blue color. This will enable the primary colors to develop the secondary colors.

4) Select the surface of the painting in which one is comfortable. The different painting surfaces are paper, wood, and canvas but the important thing is to apply gesso to the surface of the painting area to help the oil from spreading into the surface area.

5) One has to be aware of the quality of the paints as well as the brushes because buying high-quality professional paints will show the quality of the painting.

6) It is safe to use the limited painting palette if it is for a beginner. Just begin with a painting of monochrome and a painting of less shade.

7) It is better to paint using the thinner paint with less oil in the foremost layer and at last the thicker paint with high oil content for the other layers since it will help to dry the paint quicker.

8) One must clean the paint brush after painting with soap and water and make dry the brushes before starting a new one.