How the Get the Most of Your Kush

dabbing cannabis

Marijuana has always been a controversial drug, making it illegal in many countries across the world. As a result of these new revelations, many are changing their perceptions about the drug. In some countries and states in the U.S., drug laws have been redrafted to legalize recreational use of weed given its numerous health-related benefits.

The clamor for high-grade weed has consequently gone up, resulting in high prices or scarcity. There is, however, a way of making the most out of your weed using a grinder – a tool you use to disintegrate pot into small bits. Most grinders are round, and they consist of three parts which can either be made out of plastic or metallic substances. The bottom part collects the weed that has been ground in its mid-section by rotating the top most part slightly from left to right or vice versa to provide the grinding effect. Check out the different type of crushers if you’re trying to decide what type of grinder is best for you.

Use the Right Grinder

The type of grinder you choose depends on the intended use. If you’re not an ardent marijuana user, you can make use of a makeshift grinder or you can also get a leaf grinder – a perforated piece of metal that comes with a small container that holds the ground herbs. The leaf grinder is designed to separate chaff such as sticks and seed from the weed you intend to smoke. The leaf weed grinder is, however, less efficient if you have a higher volume of weed to grind as a pharmaceutical drug manufacturer that use weed as an active ingredient or if you’re a distributor of high-grade weed.

The electric grinder is suitable for large scale grinding purposes. Always remember to obtain your grinder from a reputable online store to avoid substandard grinders which break down or stop working efficiently after a couple of grinds.

Preserve the Quality

Use of hands to disintegrate marijuana into fine particles lowers your herb’s potency. If you smoke weed to relieve pain or to boost your cognitive abilities, potency is a major factor to consider. Deploy the use of weed grinder to avoid losing parts of the weed that contain some of the active ingredients that step up its potency levels. These include plant matter such as pollen grains which remain on your fingers whenever you use your hands to break up weed into tiny bits that you can roll up in a paper and burn with ease.

Roll Your Joints Neatly

It’s difficult to get the most out of your weed if you can smoke it in the first place. The use of hands to break up the marijuana plant is often inefficient, and this is demonstrated during the weed rolling process. Whereas grinder chops, cuts and grind weed into fine particles, other methods leave behind small sharp sticks and seeds which pierce through the paper during the rolling process. The punctured paper doesn’t consequently create an airtight channel to provide enough oxygen at the end of the joint to offer you a stress-free smoking session. Badly rolled up marijuana is difficult to transport from one point to the next since you’re likely to spill the entire roll’s content into your pocket backpack.

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