The best qualities of the best longboards


Are you planning to go for a surfing session with your friends? Other than knowing how to surf the key factor you need to think about once is the right longboard. Check LFB’s Best Longboard Brands 2017 for more details. While buying or customizing a longboard, one should keep in mind the best qualities of the best longboard factors such as surfing style, body mass and wave preferences as discussed below.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Longboards


The boards of balsa have high strength and balance weighbalsa t efficiently. It has flex properties and is suitable for making both robust and hollow boards.These boards are well suitable for people with heavy weight. Foam and Fiberglass boards have a foam base with stringers made of balsa.

It is covered with fiberglass and is the first choice for the shapes and mass producers.Depending upon the glass and the number of stringers, the durability and strength of the board may vary. Initially, they may give you a soothing feel, but with use, they do not remain performance oriented.

Skating Style

If you are just a beginner and still trying to learn the tactics, then opt for transportation and cruising boards. In case you are good at cross stepping, jumps and tricky dancing then the ideal choice for you is tricking and dancing boards. For a professional skater, requiring high speed and balance at the same time then opt for downhill boards. Owing to the lower center of gravity point and a medium length, these boards are safest for the challenging spirits. For those who are occasional skaters and require a standard longboard, slalom board is an optimal choice.

Volume & Length of Board

a longboard skateboardsThe ideal length for a longboard skateboards is 8 feet to 14 feet. However, this is practical only if you get a customized skateboard. This is because the length of skateboards available in market varies from 9 to 11 inches. Longer is the board, more easily it will glide and paddle.

However, longer boards are suitable only for those who know how to use the length through tricks. The buoyancy and paddling of a board depend on upon its volume and the density of materials used. An ideal board should possess a thickness ranging from 2.50 to 3.25 inches in the middle.

Additional Tips

The shape of the board should be able to increase the total surface area. This will allow the board to paddle faster. The longboard decks should be longer and should possess the right type of flex. This will make the board more stable but a bit maneuverable at the same time. Wheel size should be large so that it can quickly pass by obstacles while riding. Softer wheels will offer an enhanced grip.

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